Flat wet stuff

I’ve been getting my slip trailing wrist back into the swing of things this last day or so. Hope you like them.

Not many words for you today. Too tired.


Oh and some finished tiles, these are approximately 6″ square, the wet ones are more like 8″.

I’m trying to get some of the lose washy slip that I was using lots for the Still Movement exhibition combined with my trailing.

Still unsure how I can translate all that onto pots.

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7 Responses to Flat wet stuff

  1. gz says:

    The thin slip and the trailing make interesting contrasts.Lovely tiles!

  2. Susan says:

    Beautiful, just beautiful.Just started slip trailing on my buttons, having such fun.Only tried writing once and it was all blobby!

  3. again I say- Sweet tweet!

  4. kateuk says:

    Very nice- especially like the birds.We have vertical wet stuff today- pouring rain,rain,rain….

  5. Eric Moss says:

    I love those loose flat washes with fingertip trails putting lots of graceful movement in there. I gotta have me a go at that!E

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