Flap Flap Flap

I’ve a string of pictures fro you here, partly because I am so very tired that I have not the energy to be writing much and if I do it will be even more gobble-de-gook than it usually is.

I’m in flap flap flap mode now, Kindrogan next weekend, crikey where did that come from!? I feel so unprepared. Need to get a slide show together this week for that.

A few pots finished this week but my glaze is having a funny turn and appears to be not melting properly all of a sudden. I increased the soak on the next firing but then although it’s far more melted and looks better the dam thing has shimmered off some of the pots. I don’t have the time nor the spare pots for faffing around at the moment.

Bit more chimney done this weekend with Paul’s help. I can kind of see the end approaching with the building side of that project now which is nice.

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