Fitch / McAndrew pots in the hands of happy people

Look at this great picture that turned up in my inbox this week. Mugs made at Liberty Town last year and all in use by their smiling happy owners. Thank you for sending that you lovely people. Wish I was going to be visiting you all again this April.

These two large chargers have made their way to Ham House which is a National Trust Property in Richmond-Upon-Thames. I’m pleased they both made it out well and in time, it’s always a bit of a worry when you have a deadline like that.

My pots for Tokyo are packed and awaiting the courier who should pick them up tomorrow.

Today I had a visit from Steve Kenwood here, a photographer working on a project called Made Not Manufactured. Today I also had no power as the electricity poles are being renewed around here. So as a result it was tea made with water boiled on the camping stove and photos taken all sitting in the window in the light that came in in between rain storms! It’s been fun talking about my obsession though, not often I get to talk about it for a whole day long.

Another large charger got slipped today. Nice light coming in.

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  1. It makes me happy to see your work for sale at LibertyTown too. Has it really been a year???

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