Firing time again

10629283_10154544328055156_4437505293323778606_o Here is a part of the load sitting in the late afternoon sunshine a couple of days ago, glazed and ready to be packed into the wood kiln .

10679607_10154548306885156_6802344925972182699_oThe same pots in less sunlight but about to get a lot more heat. We always worry about having enough pots to fill the kiln, then get to the packing point and begin to think that we have enough for two firings worth, then end up with about half a load extra. This of course is no bad thing, just frustrating as you try to decide which pieces you would like to see through more than another. Also it can end up with the front being really tightly packed as a result of trying to squeeze that extra piece in, not necessary a good thing.

10623579_10154551616870156_8286838202337807713_oYesterday we fired. Today we are tired.

1559423_10154540941460156_2812220901650467911_oWe have been having some spectacular sunsets this last few weeks here in Galloway, the weather has been stupendous and so the clear skies have led to many stunning sights. This is the view from our garden here, not bad eh?

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