Firing Number Three

 Here you go with the film version of my firing last week on possibly the hottest day of the year so far. Lots of lovely birdies for you and some proper fabulous countryside. It never ceases to amaze me as to how lucky I am to live and work where I do.
After the heady full on business of Spring Fling I am heading off for the weekend for two badly needed days off to erm, well actually to Cub camp, there’s only going to be about 120 of the wee blighters running around so that’ll be a restful time I’m sure. You can pretty much guarantee I’ll be fit for nothing on sunday night. I am already looking forward to a hot bath and my bed then.
To the rest of you, have a good weekend.
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5 Responses to Firing Number Three

  1. Lovely. It's always striking to me that there's so much fiery violence going on inside the kiln and outside it's a quiet (except for the tractors) and beautiful country day. Hope the unloading goes well.

  2. Dennis Allen says:

    I just saw "fiery violence" and thought Hollis was talking about the scouts!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love the bat,your movie has answered a long standing query in my head but was too shy to ask a wood firer.Can you fire pallets and what happens to all the nails ?Lovely little film,magnums emmmmm.Tim

  4. Hannah says:

    Hi Tim, yes seeing the bats was great. It was pretty much all pallets in this one, a few bigger logs. I just scrape all the nails out after the firing, doesn't seem to matter.

  5. Peter says:

    Loved the bird sounds at the beginning of the video and looking up into the trees. A delightful mini documentary, and I hope the firing has gone really well for you. I am also most impressed that you are able to doze in the sun and flowers whilstapparently about to be harvested by some monstrous piece of farm machinery!

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