Firing Number Four

Thursday saw me packing pots into the wood kiln again, seems like only yesterday that I was last doing that. Again I thought I probably had just enough pots for the chamber size and again I had about a third again too many pots. Maybe I need to build a bigger kiln?

These pots, all being well and fingers crossed etc are for Potfest in the Park which is occuring the weekend after next and for the Castlegate House Gallery which opens in fresh new hands on this coming friday the 20th July.

I fired on friday the 13th July, whether it was unlucky will be revealed tomorrow I think. Still too hot to unpack today and I have been having a rest this weekend, I had to look the word up in the dictionary but judging by how quickly I have settled into the idea of it, I think I maybe was in need of one. I should do it more often I think.

Here is a quick video of the packing and the firing for you, the weather looks very similar to the last firing but it was quite a bit windier and a lot chillier until the fire box hotted up. One of Matt Blakely’s mugs takes a staring role in this one (still my current most used mug at the workshop). I had my friend and photographer Colin Tennant here during the firing, he was taking some photos of  the process for me, not sure what he expected but it was maybe not quite what he’s used to. I look forward to seeing any pictures he managed to take where I’m not pulling a horrid face or looking like a numptie. It all seemed to go ok, I had made a couple of little changes and I’m keen to see what difference they made, if anything I think it is likely to be very clean again. I want to sort the other things out before I work on making it a bit dirtier. I’ll take more photos during the unpack…



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  1. Paul Jessop says:

    Hope the firing went well, I’ve been needing a rest for some time but it just dosn’t seem to happen, so I’ve just been working at a snails pace today.

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