Firing Day and Decorating Day

The firing day, oh my oh my was a chilly, wind beaten, rain drenched one. We were exhausted purely by being out in that kind of weather all day without the effect of all the hard work and concentration. It really takes it out of you so it does.

My tea elf was on duty and also helped a lot with the firing and the decision making during it.

The customary wild flame photograph of course.


Today I have been decorating pots and finishing up pieces that needed that last bit of attention before I head south for a week or so to my Devon workshop.

Doug has been working on this little sgraffito jug this week, in between making tea and firing kilns and cooking lovely food. It’s going to be a real sweetie once it’s fired.

We both of us worked on this charger together. I made a crazy mess slipping the piece and Doug drew the central grasses then I decorated the rim. We’ve never done anything like that before. It was fun and looks like it could be a nice one.

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3 Responses to Firing Day and Decorating Day

  1. gz says:

    Good to see both of you working even better (if that was possible!) individually and together on pieces

  2. Rob says:

    I loved the slip trailing video.

  3. marta reyes says:

    A Very stimulating video, how easy it flows from your hand!
    .Please could you post a picture of the slip trailers you use
    and explain how do you assemble them ?
    Is it the inner tube of a bicicle wheel?

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