Fire in the stove day

Today I conceded defeat and lit the stove, it was long fingered gloves on the ride to work day and lighting the stove to get some warmth in the place day. I came home and found this tiny little rose in a bottle on the kitchen table, Paul had found it while ‘gardening’. (Name the potters if you can).

Look! New toy! I haven’t used it yet though. I bought it from someone who didn’t want it any more and just happened to be in Lancaster at a time that I was passing through Lancaster and it all worked out almost perfectly. I’ll maybe try it next week, bit scared to dirty it really.
Scary bright picture of some of those new wee jugs. Nice jugs, not so good photography.

The big fat new finger wipey / traily birdies. This jug is on it’s way to America now, the pots for the Phili show are all packed and gone way with the shippers.

These wee fatties are away too but I want to make some more of them I like the shape.

I have been trying to throw today but have failed rather miserably. I have three ish exhibitions to put together before I head to America and although I know what I want for them I failed to make any dent on the list today. I was trying to throw fat jugs but they were rubbish, one has survived from the 5 but even that might not get so far as a handle. Hopefully next week will be more successful.

This panel has headed away too, I really hope I’ve sent the right pots for the show. It’s hard enough packing for a show that’s 5 hours drive away but for something that you aren’t even going to be at for another 5 weeks and is the other side of the world as near as dam it, well that’s hard to get your head around.

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7 Responses to Fire in the stove day

  1. Ron says:

    Glad to hear you got your pots packed and away. Love the jugs and slabroller too!!!

  2. Anna says:

    I can't imagine sending pots for a show so far away….and you are a lucky bird finding that slab roller! (And having the room for it in your nice big, and now warm, studio!) Tell us again about the show in Philadelphia???

  3. kateuk says:

    Love the fat jugs.Can't believe how different the temperature/colours are this week from last week!Wool for fingerless gloves purchased and ready to knit up.

  4. Susan says:

    Wow fantastic slab roller, what a find. Looks like new!Did my first ever firing in my new kiln yesterday, bisque, but nothing is broken, so I'm a happy bunny today.

  5. Betsy C says:

    beautiful as always, it's going to be a great show. Enjoy that slab roller, quite a find!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Dont miss BBC 4 tonight at 9 as there is a three part series on pottery – with the likes of Thomas Toft to Bernard Leach. Catch up on the iplayer if you miss it.Spread the word

  7. Paul Jessop says:

    Hi Hannah, I made almost bugger all last week I just couldn't get the enthusiasum up for throwing, so just did other stuff for a few days, then on Saturday I got the urge and now i'm back on track. love the little fat guys.

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