Finishing, Flapping, Glazing and Packing

This last while has been a flurry of finishing pots, drying them, bisquing, glazing and the utter chaos of a bubble wrap and box filled workshop. I think it is just about under control again now. The kiln has been fired, cooled, unpacked and packed again straight away solidly for the last three weeks or so.  Fingers crossed I have done everything as needed doing for the Minnesota show.

Here is a selection of new pots for you, most that will be winging their way across the pond very shortly…

4lb fat jugs, these are all heading away. I really enjoyed making these, wish I had time to keep going on the making front just now as it is all making sense suddenly.

I’m really pleased with how these thick tiles came out, some lovely surfaces. These two that are pictured here were supposed to be going to Minnesota but I couldn’t part with them so soon so I have kept a hold of them for a while.

This just is a commission for the husband of a print maker friend of mine. It came out for richer and more appealing to me than I had thought it might. Just a shame I haven’t the time to get a proper photograph of it done. Always the way.

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4 Responses to Finishing, Flapping, Glazing and Packing

  1. Dennis Allen says:

    The Quail! The Quail!

  2. Anna says:

    Safe travels! To you AND your pots!

  3. KateUK says:

    Oh my! Those jugs, the tall and the fat ones- Beautiful. I can see why you hung onto the tiles.

  4. I envy you that Minnesota experience, Hannah. But not the packing. Good luck with it.

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