Ferns for Andrew

These are just for you Andrew, hope you like them. I got pretty obsessed with them last year, we spent two months in New Zealand (I know, makes you sick doesn’t it!) it was all amazing but I did love the ferns. So immense some of them too and you could almost see them uncurling they grew so fast.

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  1. potterboy says:

    Brilliant 🙂 Thank you. Lucky you – spending two months in NZ. I’d hoped to do similar in Japan at some point, but doubt it’ll happen soon.I love ferns – they’re so beautiful in many ways – make really nice pressed forms if you take a few pinnae or a whole frond. Such wonderful shapes, and the way they unfurl like that. Of course, they’re often found in beautiful places too – lovely Devon woodland, limestone pavements, up mountains – brilliant things.Do you ever explore the uplands at all? We get some interesting flora – I’ve only ever bothered to look while climbing once but it was interesting what you find – all this odd semi-arctic flora.Oh well – spring is almost here. Thanks again for the pictures :)Oh – rellies live in Dumfries – Georgetown way? I doubt you’ll know them – Douglas is their name (I’m stating the bleeding obvious now, aren’t I.) Lots of Douglas’ round there though. I once drove through Castle Douglas with them at “rush hour” – about six cars and a van – but I do like it around there.

  2. Hannah says:

    Crikey didn’t realise they were in the big metropolis. I know where it is, but no probably not them personally.

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