Fancy a Spring Fling?

Rushing towards us now at one hell of a rate of knots is Spring Fling, Dumfries and Galloway’s open studios event. It is held annually on the last bank holiday weekend in May, this year that is saturday 23rd to monday 25th May.
Around 80 artists and crafts people are opening their doors to the public over that weekend, many of whom are usually shut away for from sight in barns and kitchens, sheds and garages across this fabulous region that I live in. What better way to see the beauties of Dumfries and Galloway than by hopping from studio to studio seeing some fabulous arts and crafts as you go.

I’m not what you might call ready for it, I never am as ready for it as I would hope to be. There are always so many more things that I would like to do, make, or get ready to show than I ever have the time to do. I try to give people a feel for what I do and why I do it. I do make a big effort to clean up and tidy and get the pots dusted and try to make the workshop a little less chaotic but half of the beauty of the event I think is seeing how and where people work. I always try to do some demonstrations, a bit of throwing and some decorating. It’s hard to do as generally I’m there on my own and you need to be able to do so many things all at once, explain techniques, answer questions, demonstrate and hopefully wrap up pots too. If any one fancies coming to give me a hand over the weekend that would be fab, I can offer a tent in the garden for the weekend if you want it (only the tent as Paul’s mum and auntie Pauline are coming to visit that weekend too.)

So if you are looking for some fabulous art and craft then look no further than Spring Fling, from pots to photography, clogs to sculpture, pots of course and painting, some fabulous pots and woodcarving, gilding and willow, furniture and glass. Something for everyone would be an understatement I think. Come and join in the fun and say hello.

Special events for this year are a ceilidh – Doug you know you’d love it! – on the Saturday evening in Castle Douglas, Magical Mystery Tours each day where you can take a mini bus tour which will visit at least six very different studios over the course of the day. The Robert Burns Centre in Dumfries is holding a programme of documentaries and films during the Spring Fling exploring Art in The Landscape.

What are you waiting for? Visit the website to order your very own full colour very attractive brochure or ring 01387 262084 and we can get one sent out to you in plenty of time for you to book your trip. Quick quick come on don’t be missing out on this treat.
PS Just as an aside to this post but interesting none the less. I appear to have my very own pottery elf finally. I’ve been after one for years but now I have one who somewhere between me leaving work last night and getting back there today has ever so sweetly and kindly moved the other half ton of clay from the pallet in the yard into a lovely neat stack in the barn. Now can you beat that? I’m very chuffed indeed, a huge thank you my little elf!
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4 Responses to Fancy a Spring Fling?

  1. Amy says:

    Wow… this looks so exciting! Wish that Charlotte, NC was closer to Scotland. I think a field trip from potters at Clayworks to Scotland is a great idea someday.

  2. Your bluebell pic really made me laugh! Nice one H

  3. Anonymous says:

    Can the elf put up a shelfIf he can I’ll book him overnight, don’t want to give him a frightCan he a kiln make, for a pot to bakeIf he can can book him now, otherwise you will need a man man

  4. MoKa says:

    Downloaded the PDF brochure and it all looks fab. Don’t think we can stretch to a whole weekend in the borders as we just had a week off, but we might pop down for the day and do the Ceramics studios.Looking forward to it. :o)

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