Fair Frenzy

It’s nearly here, the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair and the chaos that always precedes a show is ongoing. You’d have thought that I would start to get slightly better at all this but it always seems to be a rush and a last minute panic. You would have laughed today if you had seen me and my dad struggling to get a table top and two none folding trestle legs into the back of my little Polo car. Who was I kidding thinking I’d be able to get them and all my pots and my into my car. Off to beg Paul to borrow his.
I was pondering today some pots that are on my shelves and realising that they have never been on the blog. It made me realise just how much of what I do doesn’t come anywhere near getting posted on here. I’m not sure what the unpublished criteria are for pots or parts of pots reaching the dizzy heights of this blog but for whatever reason it is you only ever see a part of the whole. Aren’t you glad I don’t bore you with any more of my ramblings!

The daleks are back too, this is the second post in my blogging life that mentions daleks, what does that mean? This one was on our drive when I came home from work and I drove through Rhonehouse and spotted another three lurking there. Is it an invasion?
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  1. The Daleks haven't reached across the pond yet … I think.

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