Exhibitions on Now

There are shows happening all about the place at the moment. Currently my work is featured as part of the Winter Craft Shows at The Craft Centre and Design Gallery in Leeds. During October I am one of their featured makers and I have already heard that a number of pieces have sold and that Ceramics Monthly have requested my details because of seeing that my work was on display there. Not a bad start is it.

12115850_933141490056944_6135203506819080062_nOn the other side of the globe is an exhibition of “Fascinating British Studio Pottery” which lasts until the 13th October on the 9th floor at Hankyu Department Store in Osaka, Japan. My work is shown alongside that by Jennifer Hall, Penny Simpson, Philip Wood, John Leach Pottery, Leach Pottery, Tim Andrews, Tony Laverick, Douglas Fitch etc and we are all being represented by Gallery St. Ives of Tokyo. The photo of me with Biscuit the cat was taken a couple of years ago when Koichiro Isaka who runs the gallery visited my workshop to take images for his book. I look about 12!

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  1. notme says:

    What good company! They are lucky!

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