End of summer blues

By the phases of the moon.

It’s not officially the end of summer but the dew on the grass in the mornings and the definite nip in the air and that certain smell that you get is certainly doing more than hinting at it. As for the blues well whatever time of year it is they’re hear. I have now managed to get control back of my email and am assured that my bank accounts are safe. This week a hmmm, what shall I call them? Swine, we’ll go with swine for now but I may well call them something slightly harsher when not writing something for the public domain, hacked into my email addresses, my ebay, my facebook, and if they could get that far then heaven only knows what else they can get at. No my passwords aren’t all the same thing and the words are so random that you’d never guess them in a million years so I can only assume that actually you don’t need the passwords if you’ve got a mind for criminal activity. I’ve been apparently selling tickets and buying guitars too on ebay. It’s not put me in a good mood frankly and I probably wasn’t the most jolly person in the world to start with this week. The thing that has freaked me the most is the swine sitting in his flat in Tower Hamlets (well that’s the address they changed the ebay delivery address to) and emailing me from MY OWN email address! I have spent hours and hours on the phone trying to sort things out and regain control of my life. I know it’s sad but a lot of my life is associated with the computer, I don’t really like the things but it’s a huge part of my communications with my friends and of course my business relies heavily on it. Suddenly it really makes you rethink it. I like what I can access on the computer, I like that I can chat to my friends across the world, I like that I can share my pots and some of my life with you all and that you in return can share with me but now I’m scared of it too. Needless to say I have so many new and complicated passwords that my brain is about to explode into a big gooey terracotta tinged mess. Hmmm, maybe my day dream of living in a cave in the hills isn’t such a bad thought after all…

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  1. That's only happened to me in a small way. So far, anyway. Sorry about all that, but if you've got extra guitars, send one along. I'm still trying to learn …

  2. Marjorie says:

    There is life after being hacked. I had my entire e-mail account hacked, addresses taken, wiped me out. Hackers sent terrible e-mails to people using my e-mail address. My friends all new not from me and called to offer their help. Hackers use computers to randomly pick out passwords until they hit on something. It takes a while to get over this invasion, but life goes on.

  3. I was just thinking how beautiful your phases of the moon plates were, then I read the blog. That is horrendous, can't imagine how it must feel. It is just utterly violent.Keep making beautiful pots.

  4. Dennis Allen says:

    Sure makes for a lousy day.Hope the clearing it all up goes well.

  5. Peter says:

    Really sorry that you've been through all that it certainly will have been a very horrid experience! I guess it is a wake up call to the rest of us to take seriously having secure passwords, anti virus, a fire wall…all that stuff! What follows is boring of me, but it might help someone; regarding passwords, if you are a cook (or enjoy making your own glazes), then making up passwords and remembering them is a breeze…, just use a favourite recipe, F245g could stand for flour 245 grammes…for instance, add some Salt and Butter and you are well on your way to making something 12 characters long and nearly uncrackable (12 characters is recommended, by-the-way)!! Random characters, numbers, and key strokes work best for passwords, any actual names can be broken by hackers using programmes that makes use of matching strings of characters to a dictionary.

  6. Schnee says:

    Sounds like you may have had a key logger program that got installed on your computer. That could capture any and all passwords you typed. That really sucks and I'm sorry to hear you've had this happen….Hang in there….Sharon, the lurker

  7. buggers! Bast*rd! I hope all is well soon.BUT!—those plates are super fab! I love the way you used the space. Keep talking to us and posting pictures. We would miss you if you lived in a cave.

  8. kateuk says:

    Please don't go and live in a cave,your lovely and inspiring pots would be greatly missed.But quite understand why you were tempted- b*****ds!

  9. Anna says:

    Well sh*t.Hope all is clean now and you can concentrate on the good stuff…like wet slip and the like.

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