Easter Weekend of Sunshine

This photo is not a result of me and my chainsaw running amok. It was like that when I got there – honest! It’s at Dumfries House up in Cumnock, we went over on saturday on the glorious sunshine, driving over the beautiful wildness that is the Galloway / Ayrshire border. Amazing house, full of Chippendale furniture and original mid 18th Century Axminster carpets. The grounds are spectacular too, lots of big big trees, oh I love big big trees. I confess I did cuddle a few.

A beautiful big old horse chestnut in the grounds. I love those branches that almost touch the floor but the lift off again.

Massive trees lining the drive up to the house.

On sunday I popped into the workshop for a little while and did a bit of faffing and decorated a jug. I’ve been looking at the one in the photo here for ages, it’s in a beautiful book of Staffordshire slipware. I only went back to it after I had finished the jug but I can see what I’d been thinking about before I decorated it.

I went for just white slip on the black and though it looks quite busy on the front, the back may come as a surprise to you.

Ta daaa! I like it and that surprises me!

Today was another amazing day, the whole weekend has been sunny and fabulous. I had this set of plates to wander my slip trailer across.

White background.

Black outlines.

Cobalt leaves. It’s not often that I have a problem with the slip drying out too quickly while I am working on something.


The film is just a wee quickie on the footpath round the corner here behind the house.

And finally . . . If I had a record player I would be bidding on this just for the utter crazy amazingness of it. You don’t see these every day.

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4 Responses to Easter Weekend of Sunshine

  1. Banging clay on bench for throwing pot…hmmm, track no. 2 sounds like my kinda song!x

  2. Ron says:

    Hey. Wow that’s a big tree, almost as big as the one on the jug.Love the tile you sent! Thanks.

  3. ang says:

    sounds and looks like a lovely day H, far less dangerous than mine!…

  4. ajsimmons says:

    Fantastic….al of it, I hope you managed to get that large trunk in the back of your car! I love the new tree plates….cool, so how many will the ‘outside’ piece have?? Beautiful jug and love the calmness on the back….you’ve had a great Easter. I managed to tidy a quarter of my workshop, 23 vessels and moved my sandblaster into it’s new home (with some essential maintenance)….now the sun has gone so don’t feel as industrious! A x

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