Earth and Fire

A quick picture of the Northern Potters stand at Earth and Fire at Rufford this weekend. Members of the NPA were offered the chance to exhibit at Earth and Fire on a group stand and four of us were selected to show a variety of work of different techniques and finishes. I was pleased to sell a big honey platter with an oak tree on it and one of my large jugs and a few mugs. I hope my customers really enjoy their new pieces.

Here are the four of us that were selected, (left to right) myself, Barbara Wood – hand built saggar fired pieces, Chiu-I Wu – hand built stoneware sculptures and dishes and Penny Withers – thrown bottles.
I managed to enlarge my own pottery collection considarably over the weekend, I’ll put up some pics of the new pieces soon but very special thanks to Doug and Paul.
I didn’t manage to get many photos over the weekend but here is Paul Young slip trailing the outside of a dish. Good to see how it’s really supposed to be done. It’s always good to meet up with people again, Paul and Doug were both showing there and many other that I have met over the past few years. Linda Bloomfield with her sweet porcelain cake stands and mugs with knitted mug cosies, Francoise Dufayard with her lusciously edible slipware (Paul bought us some new dinner plates!) and Jennifer Hall also with lovely bright slipware.
I was surprised (though it turned out to be a pleasant surprise) to be spoken to be the chap sitting next to me while watching Paul Young’s demo. It was none other than Blogger Andrew! It was good to meet you finally Andrew, sorry I didn’t get to chat to you longer I hope you had a good time at the show. It’s a really fantastic show, the quality is pretty fantastic throughout and it has a real buzz about it.

Back in the workshop today and I’ve got a good solid stretch of making ahead of me which I haven’t had for a while. I put handles on these big jugs, threw some ovals and a small mug commission and the body of a 7lb 10oz jug. Tomorrow I plan to put the neck onto the jug and decorate the jugs in the picture. Most of these are for orders and the two part jug is going – hopefully – to be a present for my friend’s new baby.
Right, off to have a hot chocolate in my new Doug mug. It holds a deceptive amount you know Doug!
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  1. ang says:

    hey hannah, looks like you had a great time, a big tick for getting straight back into it..

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