Earth and Fire Weekend

Well I’ve been there and done that and now I’m home again. It was Earth and Fire at Rufford Country Park this weekend just gone. It’s the first time I’ve ever had full stand there, I’ve been on shared stands a couple of times before but this was a first. It was a good show. Great folks around the place, I met lots of people who I’ve spoken to before either on the phone or via the internet but never met in person, hello to you all, you know who you are. I sold a good amount of pots too which is fab and I hope you are all enjoying your new pots that you all took home. I did a demo to which as per usual frightened the living daylights out of me, I could see two friendly faces that I just concentrated on trying to talk to and I couldn’t even try to look at who else was there. I hope it was ok, you never know do you. The thing I didn’t do was buy any pots. I was very good and stayed with my stand for the majority of the time except when I managed to borrow other peoples helpers. I did come home with 2 new pots though, a swap with Toff for a new mug and a wee stunner of a slinky jug from Doug. Paul’s response to the later was something along the lines of really how many Doug pots do we need?
The rain fell on the set up day but I managed to unload and set up in the dry, it was a chilly night that night but milder the rest of the time and sunday was blisteringly hot!
I do enjoy that chance to spend some time with great friends and new friends. It’s fab.

On the way home I stayed with the lovely Michelle Freemantle in the pretty and completely unknown to me East Ridings area of the country. Bless her for taking in a weary fraught potter for the night. There was no way I would have managed to get home in one piece all the way on the sunday night so it was great to break the journey up. That meant that I could also pop into York on the way back to visit the Honest Pots exhibition at York Art Gallery that I have been wanting to get to for ages. It was put together by Alex McErlain (my tutor and now friend from uni) and Helen Walsh who is the Assistant Curator of Decorative Arts there. I spent a few lovely hours wondering around the gallery, it’s not a huge gallery but there are plenty lovely pots to drool over. I think I did squeal out loud on one occasion, and there were probably loads of greasy nose marks on the glass cases for the poor cleaners to get rid of.

Back home and straight back into the making list. In the next month I have to:
-finish the work for the “Still Movement” exhibition at Gracefield Arts Centre.
-sort work for Art in Action.
-sort work for Potfest in the Park.
-make my competition piece for Potfest.
-sort work for Art in Clay at Hatfield House.
-finish an order for a gallery.
-finish the last of the Solway Yacht Club prizes.
-complete a few commissions.
-work on a list and sorting glazes for the Phili show.
That’s all I can remember for the time being, I hope there’s not much more than that. I was hoping to fire the kiln again too but that is not going to happen until August. At least now I have decided that there is one less thing to worry about for the time being at least.
These slabs are part of the work for the Gracefield show….

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6 Responses to Earth and Fire Weekend

  1. Dennis Allen says:

    Hannah, you can charm the crowd at any demo you do.People are anxious to see what you do and hear what you have to say.At Dan's you seemed most at ease when there was a give and take with the audience instead of just you talking.Maybe encouraging that would make you more comfortable.Sounds like you are really getting busy.Can you teach those cubs how be be claymonkeys and knead sweep and carry?

  2. It may not feel like it to you, but you do just fine in those situations. No one had any complaints here on the Cape. I love the fresh swipes of slip, too.

  3. ang walford says:

    some to do list H.. luck with the glaze sorting!!

  4. Susan says:

    You did really well. I really enjoyed it.I'm planning on going to the pots in York too, when I'm a bit stronger.Susan

  5. kateuk says:

    The stand looks lovely- I think I want most of those pots…well, probably all of those pots…

  6. Hannah says:

    Great idea Dennis, I like that, I wonder if that's classed as child labour though?Thanks Hollis, glad to hear it!Thanks Kate, I'm glad you like them and thanks Susan, glad you enjoyed it.

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