Well here we are almost at the end of another year and what a year it has been. I’m giving you here a whole string of photos of people as this year just seems to have been the year for making new friends and for reminding myself how lucky I am that the friends that I have are as good as they are.

Not everyone is featured in photos, try as I might I couldn’t find pictures of you all but know that that does not mean that you are forgotten (namely Amanda and Christine-why have I no pictures of you two in my stash?) Alex and Doug, wonderful, funny good gang to be with. It’s been a little odd getting to know Alex in a different capacity but it’s been great, it’s only occasionally I feel I fall back into student mode (I think).

A lot of the pictures are from America, how could they not be? What a time. You’ve heard most of the tales by now I’m sure and you are bored half to death of hearing me witter about my trips over the sea this year I am also sure. Heck they were both big experiences. There’s no way again I could show all the people that made an impression over there, blogger would probably crash if I tried! The Falmouth High School picture with Doug feels like it was taken another lifetime ago, only 8 months, hard to believe.

There is though the whole Cape Cod gang.

Hollis and Dee, you wonderful people. Thank you!

Guy Wolfe, what a treat to get to come on that detour to visit you.

The Virginia Crew. What can I say? You were fab.

Dan, you are as I am sure you have been told on many many occasions – ‘the man’!

Ahhh wee Ellie.

A very sad and very happy picture taken at Kevin Crowe’s house. Doug, Dan, me, Ang, Ron. What a bunch!

And the Ang, Ron, Doug, Karma society.

The North Carolina Contingent. What a way to finish it all off. There’s so many pictures I could have shown you of us all out there, most in in older blog posts or show me looking so ridiculous that I feel I can’t force them upon the world.

Closer to home my wonderful friends and landlords that patiently let me build this heap of bricks in their back garden, Alan and Hazel on the left and my fellow crafts person and blacksmith friend Adam (see that lovely loop welded on the top of my firebox door, he did that, amongst other bits and bats that he knocks up).

Visitors to sit by my fire and drink tea were many, Dave and Sue were there and are always welcome. Maybe I should make an album of my friends drinking tea in my workshop, that would be a good subject.

Phil! What can I say?

Potters, ever present are potters, this bunch are in the Lake District at Potfest or rather on an evening of relaxing after a day at Potfest.

Deb and her mum. Deb lives in the Caribbean so I see her but rarely, it’s a treat when I do though. In this category there’s a number of friends who live not as far as that but who I see irregularly but that I know are always there for a chat on the phone, you know who you are Emma et al.

New friend! Biscuit. Currently batting the ornaments on the Christmas tree while looking innocently at me when I turn around to tell her off.

Trip Stateside number two. Dan again, and helper Jason, out to help a lady in need. What gents.

My Craft Scotland Phili Team, I can’t find our group picture. Sorry.

Ron and Sarah, Paul and I had a fab time with you two in the Big Apple. That was a treat. We’ll see you here next will we?
Lastly but by no means least, the constant throughout, puts up with my to-ing and fro-ing.Paul. We’re going to have a couple of days away in a shed over the new year. I’m not a fan of the whole hoo hah that is made of the end of one calendar year and the start of the next so we thought we’d get away from it all and go and stay in a shed in Northumberland. You know because we live in such a hectic built up crazy place of course.

To all of you who have been with me through this year and supported me in the great and the good and the jolly and the sometimes not so jolly times whether you be locally, nationally, internationally and virtually, thank you and a very joyous and peaceful 2012 when it arrives. x
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7 Responses to E.O.Y.O.F.F

  1. What a year you have had! How will you top this one for 2012? Happy New Year to you!

  2. Hmmmm, interestingly quiet year I'd say! I believe you have to prioritise more for 2012: more cakes, more scones and less gadding about the globe like some grubby-fingered pottery fiend! Only kidding – what a year, well done you.lovephilxx

  3. Zoe says:

    What a year Hannah! I hope 2012 brings as many happy times. xP.S. I wish I was spending New Year in a shed in Northumberland too!

  4. Dennis Allen says:

    Ok good enough. How are you going to top all this in 2012?

  5. Ron says:

    Great to see these photos Hannah. Happy New Year!!

  6. We were delighted to be part of your year, Hannah. As i think you know. maybe we can be part of the next one, too. Happy New Year!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Happy New Year Hannah! We hope 2012 is as good for you as 2011 was. Look forward to seeing you later in the year.Dave & Sue x

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