End of week, and a busy week at that though it feels like very little has been accomplished. Don’t you just hate it when it feels like that. I think I’ve found myself in a “oh my goodness what on earth shall I make now” kind of space. There are things that I have on my list in my head that I want to make but at the same time the workshop is ever so slightly full and part of my brain is telling me I can’t possibly indulge and make more pots until I have space to put them. So I think all in all it’s possibly a good thing that in the next couple of weeks I have so many things other than making pots to do that I won’t actually be able to think about making pots for a while and by the time I get back to it properly I’ll be thinking straighter.

A herd of my beasties has appeared this week though in between the busy head. I have to finish my second article for the Craft&Design magazine this weekend. I have started it but got somewhat waylaid with something obviously very important, so important that I now can’t remember what it was. Must get on with that, especially as I need some lovely people to proof read it for me and I don’t want to leave them with no time in which to do it.

Beastie heads drying, they’ve gone a bit doggy looking this time, probably been thinking about Amanda’s new puppy that’s done that.
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4 Responses to E.O.W.

  1. gz says:

    Very doglike- isn't it fascinating how things can influence our work,not always immediately. Sometimes years after!

  2. Are you remembering to heat the water for the tea? We all worry about that, Hannah …

  3. Big Al says:

    Beasties! What ever are they for? Awesome. I was looking at the first picture, the oval, and got to thinking about the missed spaces in the slip lines. While I love the handmade look I got to wondering if you could make a picture or something with missing slip in the lines? Just a thought.Hope your tea is hot!

  4. Hannah says:

    So far so good with the tea, I haven't done it again since Tuesday. Hopefully I'm over it, whatever it was.Hi Al, the beasties are oil drizzlers. I like the idea of the pictures with the missing lines, not sure I'm clever enough to work out which bits to leave though. I saw some beauties of Japanese slipware pots somewhere that didn't have the outline drawn, instead the trailing filled in the background leaving the pattern / picture clean. I keep thinking about them but again haven't worked out the logistics yet.

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