Dull as Dishwater

Today I had the foresight to bring into the gallery with me Paul’s laptop – he was thrilled with my song by the way – and I also brought with me my Isaac Button Country Potter DVD so tat I could entertain myself through out what did indeed turn out to be a very long and boring day. The gallery is attached to the library here in Castle Douglas so I was hoping they may have WiFi access which I might be able to use too but they don’t. Never mind, I’m just writing this while I am still at the gallery and I will pop it online this evening quickly. After the gorgeous day that was yesterday, today is back to how we would expect it to be and is grey and cold and raining hard. It is I think really keeping people from popping into town and so they are not just calling into the gallery to have a look round.

So too much time sitting and thinking and worrying about the fact that I forgot to tell Doug something yesterday and I spent the night and this morning worrying about it and what might happen as a result. Oops, sorry Doug.

Anyway I’m going to bake a black berries pie this evening with some of our hedgerow scavenged black berries. I hope my pastry is ok, we’ve got folks staying and I don’t want to poison them.

Maybe I could convert some more well known songs into pottery themed ones while am bored here.

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2 Responses to Dull as Dishwater

  1. doug fitch says:

    Ha ha, don’t worry, it’s fine 🙂

  2. You must do something, I find making little animals very good for bringing people in but they will only buy something if you are at a difficult and crucial part of what you are doing that you can’t leave to do later. (Making a cup of coffee or tea does the trick sometimes too).

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