Drawing Dilemas

“I don’t do drawing”. I’ve said it many many times. 2012 though has one of my resolutions to be “do more drawing”.

I’m trying…

Some work better than others by a mile.

They are all to do with pots that I fancy making really.

In this last one, if I were better at it there might be pots some of you would recognise.

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10 Responses to Drawing Dilemas

  1. Paul Jessop says:

    The Drawings look Great, do more, do more.

  2. Paul Jessop says:

    as you can tell I have my assertive head on today.

  3. Linda B says:

    I like the tall jug drawings best -they are great

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hannah You are a better drawer than me i can't drawn a straight line or even read my own hand writing. Curse you BBC computors at school!!!!! for not making me practice my hand writing.

  5. gz says:

    You can draw, you are drawing well.Each and every one of us has their own individual style of expressing things in 2D.Your worries are not unique. Have a look at the drawings of Tina Mammoser.She does paintings of light, and to her, he drawings are not good, they are just working notes. But they are fantastic. The same as yourself, she doesn't see her drawing as others do. Keep on drawing every day and your drawing and also your slip trailing will improve as your eye hand and brain co-ordinate with practice.http://tina-m.blogspot.com/

  6. I think these are pretty great, but I know what you mean. I sit down to draw something and my mind is a blank. I guess I need a prompt or something. If there were many more hours in the day, I would take a class!

  7. those all look like drawings to me. Keep it up. So should I …

  8. I'm digging those trees– could i see those on pots??!

  9. Paul Jessop says:

    You could if she got around to it!I still have my assertive head on.

  10. Hannah says:

    That's the plan Meredith, as and when any pots actually feel like drying enough to moving along to the slipping stage. It's a tad damp around here at the mo. Thanks for all the comments, I don't often show my drawings to anyone.Paul anytime you fancy klending me a bit f the assertiveness please do, I am in dire need of some of that.

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