Dragon Monday

Here they are, the dragons are out. Fired up and ready to go as you might say.

They are a bit, erm, well, probably rather a lot different from my “normal” pots. They are a little burst of madness from January especially for you.

There’s five of them in total. Two each black and honey slip trailed ones and one sgraffito beastie.

Sorry a couple of the photos area bit blurry for some reason, it’s been another wild windy day and I blame it one that. I unlocked the shed this morning and then came back into the house to collect my bag, picked up my workshop keys and thought (whilst holding the shed keys and the workshop keys in my hand) “I mustn’t get these two mixed up”.

So I cycled through the rain and the wind that was pushing me all over the road, got to work, fair shattered from fighting the wind and of course you can guess what I found in my pocket…

So off I cycled back to the house to get the right set of keys and try again. Derrrrrr.

New Book!!! Exciting!!!
New magazines, well not new but new to me certainly. I appear to have inherited 30 years of Crafts Magazine and Ceramic Review from Jason who is packing up and moving to the south of France and is having a big old clear out of stuff. Tis a rite good job I’ve got a bigger workshop all of a sudden.

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11 Responses to Dragon Monday

  1. Zoe says:

    Love the dragons Hannah. Brilliant! Zx

  2. Linda B says:

    Those magazines look really exciting. Lovely dragons too!

  3. I am drag-ing a bit today too!Oh dragons! They are just fun, fun fun!

  4. Ron says:

    Great Dragons!! Who wrote that Slipware book??

  5. ang says:

    oooh arrr my hearts gone with number 3 H it's so sweeeet!!! and dont keys always do that to ya :))

  6. Anna says:

    Love those dragons. 🙂

  7. gz says:

    Ronald G. Cooper wrote the book.When you look at old slipware pieces, you realize that potters have always had enjoyment from what they do, even when working very hard.

  8. Love the pots and would love to have those magazines too!

  9. Anonymous says:

    What did the dragon say to the potter?Answer: I'm ALL fired upThey look fantastic!!

  10. Anne W says:

    Fun.. my fave is the third one, but they're all great.What an exciting lot of magazines! Great reading around your lovely little studio woodstove 🙂

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