Do you know what I need?

More days in the week, that’s what I need! Where on earth does it all go to so fast. I noticed this today for two reasons. Firstly this year I had great grand plans for being ultra prepared, not ending up in a big stress with a week to go before the deadlines and actually having everything ready in plenty of time. I’ve suddenly noticed it’s almost mid February and I’m not as far forward as I had hoped and my plans for some good proper play time haven’t come about yet. Hmmmm.
Secondly yesterday I realise was FIVE YEARS since the Princes Scottish Youth Business Trust (P.S.Y.B.T) approved my business plan, gave me a start up grant and I registered my business, so officially my pottery is now five years old. Paul then reminded me that in the beginning I said I would give it five years to try to make it work and only quite after that. Well I’m certainly up for giving it another five / twentyfive / fiftyfive years. We’ll see how it goes.
So for your general amusement here is a five year old picture of me in my first workshop probably only about 6 months into the whole thing and some early pots. I’ve just been rather pleasantly surprised by seeing the leaf ones again. Very time consuming sgraffito but I still rather like them.

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  1. ajsimmons says:

    Congratulations on your first five years!….many more than a lot of businesses manage. Love the early pots! I think your post answers yours (and my own) time questions. If we actually sit still long enough to realise what we have achieved already we would understand where all the time goes and not give ourselves such a hard time! I also realised this evening that it dosen’t really matter in the big scheme of things if we are a few days late…it gets done and gets done well!Amanda x

  2. Hannah says:

    Well said you! I’ll keep reminding myself (and you)of that. Good luck with the next lot of cement!h.x

  3. Ron says:

    Hey Hannah, I have enjoyed all your latest posts. It’s fun to see you working there 5 years ago. From the look of your current work I’d have guessed you’d been at it for at least twice that long. You certainly seem to have been focused and found your way in a short time. Congratulations.I love those older pots with the wipes and the dots. Your glaze is sooo rich. If I can even get close to that I’ll be happy.Best, Ron

  4. phil.mac says:

    Less blogging – more throwing, say I!!Five years! Go to it girl.

  5. Hannah says:

    Rich glaze courtesy of the old favourite: lead bisilicate frit. Am I right that you can’t use that over in the states on functional pots? In Scotland we have to have ours tested I think now every year. The law changed last year, however wierdly I’m not sure it did in England. Doug should be able to tell me about that. Anyway it certainly isn’t cheap to get it tested but at least I know it’s safe to use.

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