Do the sunny sunny day dance

A very very patient customer sent me this image above this morning, goes well with my t-shirt which has the slogan below on it. Think I should have one on the front on one on the back of my shirt.

It has been a gloriously sunny day which has made me want to dance and jig about all day but actually there was a huge big list to be attacked in a forceful manner. I unpacked a kiln this morning with glazed pots, lots of commissions in there and a little surprise for some good friends of mine. I was trying to take pictures but the battery n the camera was flat but it did start working again later in the day which may have been in response to my sunny sunny day dance or not, who knows. I did manage to snap a couple of works in progress but didn’t get a snap of the surprise pot as I had already packed it up and it was away with the courier.

Some freshly slipped handled soup bowls which I still love.

More of those wee bowls that I was particularly fond of, I’m experimenting just using one colour of trailing and I like it.

At college a lot of my pots had lettering underneath. I had forgotten all about the fact until I was decorating a plate for Ron and Sarah the other week. All today’s plates got the underneath treatment too, extra special, these are for an exhibition.

Spot the bloggers at the Leach Pottery.

Holiday pic of the day Paul on his bike on Exmoor while we were away, this was just after the amazing flying sheep poo trail and he’s still smiling! I thought it was hysterically funny but had to try oh so hard not to laugh out loud as opening your mouth would have made it not so funny at all.
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3 Responses to Do the sunny sunny day dance

  1. jimgottuso says:

    they should have signs… "flying sheep poo trail" go slow

  2. Nicola says:

    Guess we will never know what he would say but I am sure he would be pleased that things are going well for you x

  3. paul jessop says:

    Is it me or does Ron look totally Dis interested.

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