Well that was a busy busy old day, I got lots done though and I’m really pleased about that. There are now lots of decorated pots sitting on my shelves drying and the kiln is packed and on for a glaze firing and I got the exhibition at Castle Douglas set up. Linda and Phil my other two partners in exhibition will set up tomorrow and the exhibition opens on Tuesday, 10 till 4.30, on until Saturday the 13th September.

So tomorrow I go down to Devon on quite a long train journey, fingers crossed there are no delays or cancellations. Off to fire the kiln in Bideford which will be packed with Harvest jugs. I’ll be seeing Blogger Doug while I am down and maybe Blogger Matt too.
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4 Responses to Devon

  1. Seems like a long way to have to go just to fire your jug Hannah.

  2. Becky says:

    Hope it’s an enjoyable journey. I just got my copy of “Ceramics Review” yesterday. It was a treat to see you featured!!!

  3. Ron says:

    Hey You’ve been ‘tagged’. Read about it here you’ll play along. Your pal, Ron

  4. paul jessop says:

    What kind of excuse is that, Im in Devon so no Blogging.I’m told they do have electricity down there now.

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