Devon time

So if you hadn’t deduced where I scooted off to I’ve been to Devon to see Mr Fitch, a bit like going to London to visit the Queen but less corgi dogs and more galena. Apart from that it’s hard to tell the difference. He swore to me he was very organised but still there was some glazing to be done when I got there, in fact maybe it was all the glazing to be done. Doug glazes pots nothing like I do so it may be that some of the dodgy ones from the firing are as a result of my dodgy glazing, he’d never say that bless him but I think it may be true – oops, sorry Doug.

He treated me like a princess as you can see, all the best quality dining experiences at Hollyford Pottery, hot cross buns toasted, nah incinerated under a gas burner. Thankfully Marion (Blogger Paul’s good lady) fed us and the film crew who were there to hound Doug (from Sky News were they Doug?) very well and Hil too, thanks girls. I think the picture above was taken just before we scared ourselves witless about some strange noises outside in the dark, honestly a pair of country bumpkins should be used to the dark but it sounded like a very big nasty monster with huge gnashing teeth and sharp claws, that or it was a badger or two.

Doug did lots of this, sitting around in the sunshine, drinking tea, ordering his minions around, that man sure knows how to crack the whip, myself, Different Dave and Frank worked our fingers to the bone all weekend.

Hopefully those of you reading this who know me will detect a certain amount of my characteristic sarcasm in this post by the way. If you don’t know me then I’ll let you into a secret, I can be a little sarcastic so read this knowing that I’m writing it tongue in cheek. Any how we packed and fired the kiln over saturday and sunday working late most nights and now I’m wondering why I’m shattered and have a sore throat, ho hum, every flipping time. When will I learn?

Sorry a blurry picture of the little mugs of mine that were in the kiln, they are pretty sweet I think, I like them anyway and only one stuck to the shelf. They are sitting in the kitchen back here merrily pinging away to themselves.

Frank’s lovely gilded sign on the door to the showroom at Doug’s place, Frank however isn’t really called Frank, now really why am I surprised about that? Really he’s Andrew Grundon, have a look at his website to see some of his great work.

On monday we had a rather slow and yawn laden trip to Blogger Paul’s place in Somerset. Paul is in the middle of moving his entire workshop a couple of hundred feet along the row of buildings to a new huge fantastic space. Green with envy at the place, hmmm, just a little. Thanks for the mug, it’s making friends with the wee ones I brought back in that picture above.
Home again for a couple of nights before I head off north to Kindrogan to the Scottish Potter’s annual weekend of workshops and demonstrations, this year we have the one and only Mr Paul Young as one of our three invited potters. Looking forward to that. For the time being however it’s good to be back here after my trip. I’ve had a great time, good to meet so many people and good to see Doug again, maybe see you again in a year I think Doug, a bit of piece and quiet from me for a while.
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4 Responses to Devon time

  1. Ron says:

    Thanks for that great post H. Hopefully you'll recover a bit before the Conference. No doubt PY will be a blast to watch and hang out with during the weekend. Doug's firing looked grand to me, but that's a long way to look way over the pond. Glad you all made it out to Paul's too. He's got a cracking new space doesn't he? I can't wait to get these pots out of the kiln tomorrow night. I believe you have rubbed off a bit on my decorating. Lots of lines on these last platters and bowls, hopefully you'll be proud. Take care of that sore throat.

  2. ang says:

    Lovely piece H, you deserve a massive rest..glad you got some lovely mugs in the fire.. now take it easy and chat soon….

  3. Anna says:

    Wow, lots of work and you still managed a nice post with pictures! Better then Doug (ahem….sarcasm here too. 😉 Truly thanks for the update. Know you will have a ball a SP Annual Wknd. Get some sleep and fight that cold!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Different Dave; False Frank. Obviously all that cider and clotted cream makes you lose all sense of identity!! It’s a Devon thing u know.Heston Blumenthal would be very impressed with the cooking technique.

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