Decorating Day

Hurray! I got lots of pots rescued from under their plastic world today, many have been sat there for a couple of weeks. I felt a bit rusty to start with and I felt I had a lot of pressure to make them good as I’m fast running out of time and I hadn’t thought very clearly about what to put on them so a couple went a bit doolally. I like making up stories, my dad says I should write them down and write children’s books, I reckon I will dad once I have some spare time, if you ever meet my mum and dad ask them about Roley the adopted rat who came to a rather sad and messy end, poor lad, the apple of his parents eyes, what a way to go. Anyway I’ve been vaguely thinking about bird-dragon stories recently when I’ve been drawing them and somehow the start of one found it’s way onto the back of this dragon jug. I haven’t ever done that before but maybe I will more often, I could get whole chapters on if I sgraffitoed the lettering…

I am very fond of vertical stripes at the moment, you don’t think you can have too many do you?

I had four fat jugs ready to go, one I’ve left to sgraffito, maybe that’ll have another story, depends how mad I feel tomorrow I suppose, I might have my sensible brain back in by then.

I had three wide rimmed plates too, I do like the wide rims very much, not quite got my head around the way to deal with them yet, but I’ll get there. Just need to practise.

With the last one in the picture below I was getting really hungry, it was past lunch and I was getting a bit wobbly so I opted for a fast design with it.

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8 Responses to Decorating Day

  1. Anonymous says:

    The story of Roly still brings a tear to our eyes and thats about twenty five after his sad demise. What a way to go!No wonder we never again watched the Common Riding!Mum and Dad.

  2. Ron says:

    Hey Hannah, Pots look amazing. Wet and lovely slip.

  3. ang says:

    the wobblier the better i the last 2 H very loose..

  4. Great designs! and No you can never have too many lines…my opinion anyway 😉

  5. Amazing. Beautiful work!

  6. Hi hannah, i clocked you commenting on a video of alex mcerlain throwing. It's great to see old students from MMU making as im about to graduate myself!

  7. cris couto says:

    I love your work !!!The pots are very beautiful.Tanks for show them.Cris, from Brasil.

  8. they look like chocolate and cream………yummy!

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