Day two for the sponge

The new sponge is not endearing itself to me. It doesn’t so much soak liquid up as just move it around. Hmmm. Did some more throwing this afternoon, a couple of big platters and a big big bowl.If it makes it to that stage it’s going to be oh so much fun to decorate. Looking forward to that.

I put handles and spouts and cut the necks of all the puzzle jugs, these are just two of them. I’ve never done the lettering before I’m not sure if it will stand up to being wetted with the slip. We shall see.

The oval dishes that I had made the parts for yesterday were assembled and the last one got squared instead which I really like, more of them to come I think. It’s a great shape, the height and diameter just seem to work really well together.

Paul came over this evening to decorate his tea bowl for Potfest. Not a bad job I don’t think, in time he might make me a good assistant.
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4 Responses to Day two for the sponge

  1. Ron says:

    Is that a new wheel? I don’t remember seeing it before.Karma tore one of my sponges to shreds last night. I have to make sure everything is up out of reach before I put her to bed. Luckily I hadn’t gotten too attached to it and had a couple more.

  2. Wasn’t it Feargal Sharkey that once wrote a song called “A good sponge these days is hard to find”, No that was a heart not a sponge but the sentiment is the same, or maybe not. I think it’s the stupid fire retardants they use these days but as I said before you should get out to the supermarket’s kids isle then you cannot say that you still haven’t find what you’re looking for. (That reminds me of another song by U2).

  3. Becky says:

    I tend to pull for the underdog so please give the new sponge a few more chances. 🙂 These things take time? If it just doesn’t make the mark, send it to Karma. ^^ Your work is amazing.

  4. Hannah says:

    I’ve had it a few months Ron, it did appear in a post back then I think.

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