Day 2.

The farm yard before the visitors, lovely and still and sunny.

Another day full of talking to people and trying to demonstrate on the wheel and putting on handles for visitors to see. Lots more lovely people have visited today, and more lovely sunshine to boot. The picture above is a slightly exaggerated loving cup, thought one of my little horse chestnut trees looked quite sweet in it.

This is Keith and Lisa’s wedding present. By all accounts the wedding went smoothly, Paul’s speech is done so he is much happier now. I read it before he went and it was a very touching speech. He now has no excuse for not being romantic as I’ve had proof that he can be! He’s hoping to finish the job in Middlesburgh tomorrow and get back tomorrow evening.

It’ll be interesting to see what tomorrow brings, Paul Young is planning to visit so that’ll be good if he makes it. I’m off to settle down to watch a film for the evening if I can work out how to turn the sound on on this thing.
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2 Responses to Day 2.

  1. The wedding gift is lovely! Happy bride and groom. Sounds like the weekend has gone very well–hope it seems that way to you, also.

  2. Hannah says:

    Thank you,yes I think it has,one more day to go, then looking forward to a big sleep.

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