Day 1.

I’ve had some really lovely people through the workshop today, one couple who stumbled a few years ago upon a tiny wee studio on a railway station and fell in love with the pots of a certain Mr Paul Young, they had bought a tankard from the first firing in the bottle kiln we fired last weekend. Small world isn’t it. The chap told me it was his most favourite mug in the world. Paul Young is hoping to come to visit us at the studio on monday as he will be on his way home from Potfest in Perth (our Perth not yours Ang, sorry.) It’ll be good to see him if he does manage to make it. I also had a lady who has recently discovered slipware and is utterly hooked, pointed her in the direction of a few tasty pots. Then a lady who lives fairly close but is from America I had to ask where abouts to see if she knew Ron. I was disappointed to find out that she doesn’t but highly recommends North Carolina as an area to visit for arts and crafts – Doug and Matt pack your bags lets go! People have been very kind with their comments and responses to my pots and that’s kind of buoyed me up through the day. The workshop will need a good bit of tidying up tomorrow morning before people start to arrive again.

These are some pictures of the kiln last weekend and a bit of information for people to read to try to explain it a little. I haven’t really done any information like that before but I noticed a lot of people reading it and it meant that more people than I could talk to were able to learn a bit more about it.

A quick shot of Lizzie’s studio,looking fabulous as always. She has a strong band of followers and devotees.

In the sunshine waiting for the performance to begin. Petra performed inside the barn at the end of the day with her Micro Cosmic Pantomime. It was a great end to the day, she has a beautiful singing voice. I can’t even begin to explain it to you and the pictures will do it no justice at all but it was fun.

More pot and kiln pictures on the back of my door, I was running out of wall space.

This set is in our barn, can you believe it? Just freshly built today.
Well I’m jiggered. It’s been a long old day. Turned out well. Much quieter than saturdays have been in previous years but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It meant I got to have proper conversations with people about my work and bore them sense less about slip trailing and wood kilns!Time for bed said sleepy head. Paul still away, panicking now because tomorrow he is being best man to some great friends of ours who are getting married tomorrow. Keith and Lisa. The wedding is in Newcastle and I was so hoping to jump in the car tomorrow evening after we close and drive 3 hours over there to at least make it to the reception as I really wanted to help them celebrate. It has become apparent though that I am just not up to driving all that way feeling as I am. It would be silly and probably very dangerous. I’m really sad not to be going though. I do however wish them every joy in the world and I am sure they will be fabulously happy together. They will have to wait for their wedding present from us as it is still sat in my studio and has been being admired today.
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3 Responses to Day 1.

  1. Ron says:

    Glad to hear you had a good day Hannah. I think the pics and info are a good idea. Hope tomorrow is busy as well. Good plan not to push yourself and do the long drive. Maybe a long hot bath instead. Lizzie’s work looks amazing. Best,Ron

  2. ajsimmons says:

    Hannah…workshop is looking so good and all your work looks gorgeous together. Heres hoping for a good day!lokks like you’ve got a good vibe going on down there with Petra.A x

  3. ang says:

    hi hannah, Lizzies studio looks way too clean you need to visit her more often & leave a trail of lovely red footprints….nice work though..

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