Dark Skies

Well I rode home at half past five and I didn’t need my light son it was still so light. Spring is litteraly just around the corner. Tonight outside it is clear and crisp and the sky is incredible. If it wasn’t so cold I’d still be stood out there ogling the stars. You can see the milky way tonight. It’s splendiforous. You can get lost in it just staring up there. Galloway recently was named the first Dark Sky Park in the UK. Tonight tells you exactly why.

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  1. That's a great honor for Galloway, isn't it? We see some stars here on Cape Cod, but there is still enough light pollution to keep our sky from being really spectacular. Maybe 15 years ago I stayed at a little cabin in the Sawtooth Mountains on the Salmon River in Idaho, in the tiny town of Stanley. Stepping out by the river around midnight, I was astounded to see the sky. It was as you describe it in Galloway. Nice to think there are still such places.

  2. One of the reasons I love(d) living out in the middle of nowhere. (don't tell my wife I said it was the middle of nowhere.) No man made lights to mar the beauty of the stars. I am always disappointed to see the glow of a town on the horizon.

  3. Some great skies to see recently (including Mars alongside a fantastic full moon a couple of weeks ago) but also pleased to be a seeing a bit more of the sunlight as the days get longer too. Thanks for the Potfest plug – it is the 10th year for Potfest in the Park and should be excellent.

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