Daisies with toes.

Well tomorrow is the deadline for voting in the Craft&Design awards so if you haven’t already done so now is your last chance!

I’ve been trying to finish up things for Potfest which is coming up next week, Friday 7th, Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th August at Skirsgill Mart just off junction 40 of the M6 at Penrith. Easily accessible and it will be well sign posted. Come along and see lots of china in a bull shop. Open 10am till 5pm each day, over 100 potters with their work, trade stands and classes you can take. Hours of fun for anyone with an interest in clay.

A biggish bowl but the crazy daisies won’t leave me alone now, they are everywhere. Looking at this picture I think them there daisies look like they have toes!

A Ron inspired not slipped all over squared dish.

I like the these tall jugs but I’m finding them less easy to decorate. Probably because I’m not used to the shape and it has a very different feel to the usual fat bellied pots that I make. Hollis was asking about what input I had into the decoration on the chalices that I had pictures up of the other day. These two were made using the same style and decoration as the ones I had made five years ago. I had put a sample together for them back then. It’s hard to remember but I think they wanted something fairly plain but with a cross. I wanted to be able to make and decorate them fast enough to be able to make the quantity required in not a massive amount of time. Don’t know if that helps you at all Hollis.
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  1. Thanks, Hannah. I've got an order for a chalice from Church of the Messiah in Woods Hole, a small scientific and fishing port that's part of Falmouth. I was just curious about your interchange with them. The folks I'm dealing with (very nice people, by the way, and this is my wife's church) basically want a smaller version of another chalice they already have. Not very exciting …

  2. Ron says:

    I think the crazy daisies work well on that tall jug Hannah. Nicely done. I like the square dish too 🙂

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