Curvy jugs.

Recently I’ve been having a rather rambling dialogue with Alan about shape and other random topics but this jug I just think is a fabulous shape. I brought it back from New Zealand from a lady just outside Nelson whose name I have sadly forgotten (I had a card but it was in a book of Nelson district artists which was in Paul’s rucksack which did not find it’s way back to Britain with us.) This jug has been for the last year on our kitchen window sill but I’ve just moved it onto the work top and I keep staring at it against the red wall because it’s shape is shown off so much better now. I love the curves.

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3 Responses to Curvy jugs.

  1. Always like a nice shapely jug, this one looks like it manages to just about pull off the trick of not following the golden rule of equal propotion 1, Top, 2, change of direction point from concave to convex and 3, base. great one.

  2. paul jessop says:

    That is a very nice shape, it remined me of a Mick Casson jug in the craft of the potter book, but I’ve had a look and this one is much sleaker ” is that a word” ?

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