Crispy days are wonderful

Cold and crisp, now that’s how winter is supposed to be.

Another dragon type creature, this one doesn’t look at all scary, thinking about it, none of my dragons look scary.

I was running a kids class at the CatStrand arts centre at the weekend. I hate that air drying clay you can get, I mean it’s fine but it’s such a shame because it just crumbles so easily and I don’t think the kids get a fair feel of what clay can be. It’s not on really is it to let them spend ages working these mini masterpieces only to let them take them home and turn into a pile of dust. So instead I took in some white earthenware – white! I know but I was very aware of the lovely clean white spaces that they have there and the vision of forty tiny hands leaving prints all over the place and all over the doors to the toilets and the state the sinks would be in . . .

So now I have a workshop full of tiny very fragile creatures, candle holders, tree decorations, reindeer, boxes with tiny little lids, and santa clauses on sleighs! Oh the responsibility!

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4 Responses to Crispy days are wonderful

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think we still have a tortoise one of Sue's friends made waiting to be fired…..Just put a card in the post with some ideas for a tile panel. Let me know what you think…..Dave

  2. Ron says:

    Ha. I had a 10 year old over last week. It was pretty fun.

  3. doug Fitch says:

    Beautiful jug H xxMatt's here, we'll give you a call this week

  4. ang says:

    who needs a fierce looking dragon anyway..lovely H,…have fun with the kids stuff if things fall off don't worry just stick em back on again! superglue is great!!

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