Crisp and Cold

Chilly days and chillier nights. Beautiful though and clear and bright at night with the moon as it is getting fatter and fatter. I walked the mile ish each way from the house to the village last night to leaflet the locals about my sale and as you can imagine we have no street lights on my road but I needed no torch the whole way there and back as it was so bright. Fabulous and not too cold once you’d gotten into your stride I should do it more often as I slept really well when I got back.

These pics of my wedging bench are for Matt who is kneading his clay on the floor. I built it myself, well when I say built, maybe bodged is more the description though they are still standing firm after 5 nearly six years of use.

The top is a paving slab.

The slab is just rested on top of the posts that make the legs and held in with a frame around it. Simple but lovely. Nice handy shelf under it to stack bags of clay on and which helps keep the whole thing in place when enthusiastically kneading. Jack of all trades you know.
Last night at Cubs before the Christmas break tonight. We made little 3D doves and Christmas trees to hang on Christmas trees out of foam and glue and sequins and shiny things and sequins. The Scout hall and the cubs and me look like there was an explosion in a glitter factory. The place will never be the same again.
Discovery of the day: Earl grey tea tastes great out of a Doug mug. Usually I opt for a smaller more dainty type of mug for the fragrant tea but tonight I picked the Doug mug before picking the tea type and was pleasantly surprised. I’ll do that again I think.
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6 Responses to Crisp and Cold

  1. Earl grey very summery on a cold winters day, nice. Thats so simple and effective, thanks I have some spare wood and time as the wheel needs a new cable so now is the time. I think you are right I need to take care of my spine too! Nice one 🙂 Like t

  2. …..hat idea about the mugs too if everyone else does. Touch pads on laptops make for silly comment mistakes!

  3. ang says:

    bring on the earl, my fav… i dunno H looks pitch black to me!! get a torch luv…

  4. paul jessop says:

    So were you Moon lighting ?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Moonlight flyer-raid!!

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