Crazy Life

Last weekend Doug and I had a brief and busy trip to London, you know in amongst the chaos of work and the business of organising our wedding (which is fast approaching with a mix of excitement and worry that we have got everything in place where it should be when it should be).

We went down to London to see Ceramic Art London at the Royal College of Art but also to see a production of Petrushka by Giants Are Small. The reason being that my Douglas Fitch has a doppelganger in America, Douglas Fitch, who is a puppetier, performer, and as his website says: Doug Fitch works in media ranging from architecture and opera to puppetry and food. The show was mind blowing and I felt rather shell shocked after the event as there was so much going on and so many things not to miss in tiny scale and huge on a screen. I can’t explain it really, you had to be there but the video gives you an idea.

Sitting having a brew with two Douglas Fitchs was rather a strange thing indeed.

Oh and yesterday Miss McAndrew packed her last bisque firing…

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2 Responses to Crazy Life

  1. gz says:

    How CAN there be two of him?!!
    Enjoy your day…and the rest of your life together xx

  2. Mandy says:

    Oh my, last firing as a ‘Miss’ 🙂 Fingers crossed for happy results!! 🙂 x

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