Cows and blog visitors.

Well since I last wrote I have started (and now finished) the cows. I’d kept putting it off as I was a bit nervous of starting them. Anyway now they are all on their and I quite like them. All I need now is for the plates to dry out so I can put them into the kiln. They will look a bit different once they are glazed with my honey glaze. I had made 46 plates for the order of 45, unfortunately as is so much the way with ceramics, one rim collapsed when I slipped it and I managed to bash another so I am down to 44 now. Next week I will throw another 3 or 4 just to be on the safe side and then I am very much looking forward to making something other than plates. Having said that I was sat reading last night, a book I got at Christmas called Wildwood – a journey through trees and had a sudden flash of inspiration for some of my tree designs. I though that it would look really good on … yes a plate! Maybe it’ll have to wait a wee while yet.
I have a fellow slipware potter friend down in Devon by the name of Doug and it was his blog that I had been reading and really enjoyed and gave me the idea to start this one. Doug’s blog is very established and judging by the visits this has had since he mentioned it on his site, has many regular followers too. Thanks Doug, very much appreciated and I think the green mug in the photo is very tasty. Does any one else get the urge to lick pots that they think are really lovely or is it just me?
One of my visits was from a friend of Doug’s Ron Philbeck who is in the USA, he is a salt / soda glaze potter and I really enjoyed his blog too. Another one that is well worth a visit.
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  1. Ron says:

    Hannah. I do get that urge to lick pots. The most recent occurrence was when I saw two of Gail Nichols amazing soda glazed bowls at an exhibition. The place was full of people but believe me, if I would have been the only person there and knew there was no security camera, I would have licked them. Potters are weird people!Thanks for the mention and link on your blog.Nice cow.

  2. doug fitch says:

    Hi HannahThanks for the mention. Great skill you’ve demonstrated in that decoration of yours, I’m quite in awe. Good to have you in the network. We’re hoping that one day Ron might make it over and we can all get together to make some pots.CheersDoug

  3. ang says:

    hi hannah……yep common notion, i was in a gallery at robe, south australia on holidays this christmas when i heard a comment how do i know if this piece will be ok outside? to which i suggested they lick it! of course i got a very strange look back… least you know if a piece is vitrified..hehe.. nice line work..ta ang, and great blogs guys..

  4. potterboy says:

    Licking pots? You’re all nuts!Nice cows.

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