Cover Girl

coversha_aekhThis is the latest issue of Craft&Design Magazine and here it is with an image of one of my wood fired costrels on the cover. Inside is an article all about yours truly and about me being the Craft&Design Selected Gold Award for ceramics and being the overall Maker of The Year for 2014. Rather exciting all round. I am really pleased, with it. If you would like to get hold of a copy just click here.

Here is what Helen Walsh, curator of York Museums Trust’s ceramics collections, and specialist judge in this year’s awards said about my work:

“Hannah McAndrew makes the kind of pots that give me warm glow inside, they are pots I can imagine using myself with great enjoyment everyday. Her work retains a very strong connection to the historical slipwares seen in museum collections, strong forms with balanced decoration that make the most of the natural characteristics of clay and glazes. The decoration has a refined sophistication that gives her pots a contemporary edge. I especially like the pieces that combine very loose, gestural brushwork with precise trailed and incised detailing. Hannah’s website and blog offer an enlightening and valuable insight into her sources of inspiration. Her skill as a potter goes from strength to strength and I hope that the pleasure and joy she clearly finds in making her work continues. I look forward to seeing were her interests in ceramics take her and her work in the future.”

So from a rather pleased Hannah, so long till the next post.

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4 Responses to Cover Girl

  1. smartcat says:

    Congratulations! Well deserved!

  2. Tracey says:

    I totally agree with Helen! Congratulations! Well deserved:-)

  3. Anna Branner says:

    So impressive! And well deserved. Congratulations!

  4. joan says:

    Beautiful work Hannah!

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