Christmas Eve Eve.

Happy Birthday Amanda! Hope you have a lovely day.

Odd day, very odd. I was manning an exhibition in Dumfries in the Mid Steeple, a beautiful old building, used to be a jail, it’s in the middle of the town. There is an exhibition of art work there by users of the Access Art service where I do occasional teaching. It is for adults with learning disabilities and autism. There is some fabulous work in there.

I had a run around the toon this morning to find a set of Christmas tree lights, ours blew up last night! Jolly fun, flashing and blue sparks, very festive but not too safe I thought. It took me five shops before I found one that had any left and yes before any sarcastic people start to ask yes they were shops that would be places one could buy (if they had in stock) Christmas lights. I wasn’t asking in the butchers or the tourist information.
I met up with Amanda yesterday and was given a lovely present even though it is her birthday not mine. Anyway it is a very attractive skirt, I think she is trying to turn me into a proper girl. I think this story will amuse her. I just went to try it on tonight, and as we don’t have any full length mirrors in the house I climbed on the bed so I could have a look in the mirror on the wall remembering as I did so that Amanda had warned me that you couldn’t take big strides wearing it so no accidents there. Getting back down though I forgot and headbutted the window because I couldn’t take a proper step, thankfully I fell over my neatly piled parcels on the way which slowed the fall a bit. Hmmm hope those pots are ok that I wrapped up. Anyway there’s a lesson -learn to walk with smaller steps and don’t climb up on the bed or any other furniture while wearing a long skirt. I am uninjured though so it’s all ok in the end and I might wear the skirt on Christmas day, you know, make an effort.
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  1. potterboy says:

    Your story made me laugh out loud… very funny. We’ve all done it (although not in a skirt, I have to admit.)I remember Nic and Sabine having a conversation – aimed at Sally Anne I guess, although maybe it was general chit chat – about how pottery women never dress in skirts. I have to admit, I like the tom-boy thing. Anyway, i said nothing…

  2. Hannah says:

    Hmmm, skirts, well I do sometimes though not often at all. I have always fancied though having a really posh swirly floaty ball gown, heaven knows when or where I’d wear it though for work would be rather funny.

  3. Ron says:

    You’re too funny Hannah. Glad you didn’t get hurt. It is fun to see pottery gals when they show up some where dressed in more of a girl way (I don’t know how to put that) but you know. Usually see the pottery girls in dirty pants, comfy shoes with their hair back etc.

  4. ang says:

    you too funny.. i did refer to my clumsy day last week as ‘H’ day, mind you there were bruises involved i did a proper job! glad you and the skirt survived unscathed..

  5. MAKE AN EFFORT? Dang. We’re potters, I don’t think we ever dress up!

  6. Yeah, be careful with that dress-up thing, Hannah. Dirty jeans and work boots are the way to go. Clean the clay off them to go to Christmas Eve midnight services.

  7. Have a good Christmas Hannah. I hope we can meet up again in 2009. Thanks for keeping us all smiling. I’m hoping my glaze firing will cool enough to open tonight then I can scrub up for Christmas!

  8. ajsimmons says:

    hee hee….at least I did warn you! I would have been mortified if you had done any damage to yourself.Keep on blogging!!lots of love and a wonderful New Year….I’m raising my imaginary posset cup in your direction….I love that book!A x…and thanks for the birthday wishes x

  9. paul jessop says:

    I’m not going to comment, I’m in the festive mood and may incriminate myself.Happy Christmas Eve .

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