Christmas Eve all day.

Happy Christmas to myself. I have been trying to get hold of this book for a while, but have never seen a copy I could afford before, I found it on a website this weekend and was very surprised that it turned up this afternoon, even more surprised when I opened it to see the slightly faded signature in it.

I was generally tidying up and finishing off at work, I slipped a plate and then blasted it with the heat gun so that I could turn it before I left today. I handled those three big jugs, a couple are slightly weird looking but I can’t put my finger on why that is. I also (smug here, very smug) weighed out all my trailing slips and left them to soak down over Christmas so they’ll be at fine sieving state when I get back. What a master plan.

Then I came home to bake mincepies. Before. . .

After. . . with marzipan toasted on top.

Mmmmmerry Christmas everyone, I hope you all have a lovely day. Best wishes, x
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8 Responses to Christmas Eve all day.

  1. Mmmm … mince pie is disappearing here in the states, but those look lovely. Merry Christmas, Hannah.

  2. Ron says:

    yummy, you’ll have to tell me more about mince pie when we talk again.

  3. doug fitch says:

    Happy Christmas H. Thank you for the parcel.I used to have that book, signed also. If you read the preface, it says the first 50 copies were signed. I loaned mine to somebody but forgot who. Oh well.Have a lovely time x

  4. ang says:

    merry christmas hannah, thanks for the lovely banter across this year, you really are a crack up….have a super time today, your mince pies look great, marzipan on the top is a new one! hope you get loads more lovely parcels…ang x

  5. Takashi says:

    Merry christmas from Japan!I found English pastry shop near my office and ate the christmas pdding. I love these English cultures especially Slipware pottery works like yours!

  6. Merry Xmas Hannah and Paul, have fun. See you in 2009 for some kiln building!

  7. paul jessop says:

    Hi Hannah,Thanks for our ceramic tree decoration.Best of luck for 2009.Paul & Marion

  8. dang, those little pies and a cup of coffee would be heaven I am sure.

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