Chilly wednesday

Doors and gates, we don’t have many like this over here! I do have a bit of a thing I realise looking back at pictures from other trips to places, about door ways and gates. Lots of images of them crop up in my albums and sketchbooks. I am not aware of them creeping into my work at all, not consciously anyway.

A tile from the Ceramic Museum in Barcelona. This was about two foot tall I would thick and about half an inch thick.

Another guest decorator today, this time in the form of John Threlfall who is a wildfowl painter. I haven’t really met John properly before though he lives not too far away and I am very aware of his wonderful work. We got to chatting as you do and discovered he was brought up in his early years about 6 miles from where I was in Bolton and moved from there to the same street as Paul lived on with his family in Sheffield. Small world – though I still wouldn’t like to paint it.
I have been busy making even with my visitors but I don’t seem to be getting anything finished. It’s like that sometimes isn’t it, things in every stage except completion. I find it frustrating because I can’t see the progress so easily. A lot of the things I’m trying to make at the moment are made from more than one bit too ie lids and two bits joined so it looks like far more ‘things’ than there actually is.
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  1. ang says:

    you just need a bigger workshop, heaps more shelves, double the days hours and an assistant!!plus lots of hot drinks to keep ya going? how's the wood kiln plans going??

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