Chillin at Fort Philbeck

Well we’ve moved on again. Once again another sad parting, this time leaving Dan in Virginia when we met up for the big swap at Kevin Crowe’s pottery on monday afternoon. Yet again a fantastic week in Virginia and so sad to leave behind all those wonderful people and beautiful places. We spent monday evening in Seagrove with Meredith Haywood and her husband Mark who had a great gathering of potters and partners in their house of the evening we arrived. Then yesterday we spent the day with Meredith and Tracey Broome wandering around potteries and museums in the Seagrove area. Wonderful day if a little on the hot side for certain Hannah’s in the party. We spent nowhere near enough time with any of those great people, however onwards and upwards with the Philbeck clan in North Carolina.
Tea in the park on the Mall in Washington DC last week.

Today is a day for relaxing and recovering some energy so I am sat in what is fast becoming a favourite position, on the porch of a house in a rocking chair with a cup of tea looking out over lovely views. Hey Hazel and Alan, can we put a covered porch on the cottage so I can sit out in a rocking chair please? That’d be lovely.
Blimey these wood bees make quite a noise, and they must be a bit disturbing for all these folk who live here in wooden houses, they are big beggars and just sit eating holes in wood all day. They are merrily buzzing about my head, and Ron is running about with a badminton raquet trying to reduce the population of them and increase the life expectancy of his house.
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  1. Dennis Allen says:

    I'm so glad you are having a good visit.I know we all enjoyed ourselves last weekend. I'm sure the workshop at Ron's will be just as nice.

  2. Tea, a chair, and a view- Lord you are living the life!It was such a joy to have you all here.Thanks for coming and enjoy some down time.

  3. Girl, you don't know what hot in the south is!!!!! Yesterday was a really cool day 🙂 I agree with the rocking chair and tea plan, sounds good!

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