Chaos v Calm

Well I have started early this year. Usually my pre Spring Fling mega clean and tidy up starts at about 11am on the friday in a panic. Today I believe is wednesday and I have done loads. I’ve been working slowly, feeling a bit worn out so trying to take it easy ish. The top picture doesn’t look too tidy to you probably but I’ve moved the desk to the other side of the workshop for various reasons and one shelf unit in it’s place. I quite like the desk there, maybe I’ll keep it moved. Well I’ll see about that after the weekend.

This is the front of the workshop all tidied and spider free, my huge apologies to the many and varied spiders who were evicted today, you can come back after the weekend, I’m just always a bit wary of having jugs full of spiders in case someone who’s frightened of them picks one up and drops it in fright.
Tomorrow I’m planning to get the second layer of bricks on my firebox and take out the former. Blogger Andrew is heading up this way to stop over on his way to Potfest in Stirling this weekend. Looking forward to seeing him and good luck to all taking part at Potfest.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget to groom the grass; shampoo the sheep; and coiffeur the cows. Have a good fling…………

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