Chaos II

Seems these days my workshop gets to being chaotic fairly regularly. Yesterday I spent about four hours packing up pots for various places. That was about three hours longer than I had planned but it turned out fortunate as I was still there when Zoe from the McGill Duncan Gallery popped in for a chat and a brew. It was good to see her and talk pots and her new exhibition which opens at the weekend and has some fabulous looking bronze sculptures by Richard W. Boardman.

Lots of new pots out of the kin over the weekend and a bisque packed and fired, the wettest bisque I have ever fired. I got that out today, glazed it all and it is back in the kiln now for a glaze firing which should be out thursday morning. Phew! Busy.

I’m pleased with the pots that have come out but as always frustrated that I can’t get everything in through the kiln that I have made in time for Potfest but it’s always the way for any deadline. I seem to think my kiln is twice the size that it really is. Today it has rained and it has rained and it has rained some more. Ain’t half wet out there. Still a lot to do before thursday when I go but tomorrow will see a lot of the packing done hopefully and some finishing off of pots that can then be left drying merrily while I am away. Some big plates to turn and some jugs to decorate.
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2 Responses to Chaos II

  1. jude says:

    Hi Hannah, have you tried, or thought about trying single firing? Cuts down a heck of a lot on time and costs, just means the firing is a couple of hours longer, but it would massively speed up your turn around and save you oodles of stress.

  2. Hannah says:

    I have done some single firing but only on little things and not on the things with lots of decoration. At some point I'd like to try again. Maybe when there's less on so I'm not so pressured. Watch this space.

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