Chaos II video

I meant to post this video yesterday but ran out of time. Hope it makes you laugh. I got a lot done today, a highly productive day. Phil my photographer friend popped around and I had a visit from some lovely customers, one who lives down Cornwall and pops in on his annual holiday up here. Another big list for me to tackle tomorrow but I feel I’m getting there. I want to get all the things that are thrown decorated and turned and so drying out while I am away. Paul and me are having some time away next week on a thing which I believe is called a ‘holiday’ which I am looking forward to as I don’t remember the last time I stopped working and as much as I love my work and what I do and I’m sure there will be a lot of pot thinking and talking when I’m away I do sometimes need to take a step away. So that’s what we are doing. Paul has had a very busy year so far too so we’ll probably spend the whole time sleeping but we are looking forward to it.

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  1. Chaos, always. I am a pig in my own studio. Thank god there's no one else who shares the space.

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