Ceramics In The Round.

This weekend there will be a possy of potters gathering at The Devonshire Dome in Buxton in Derbyshire for Ceramics in the Round. Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th from 10 until 4.30pm. So if you are in the area pop in and have a look, there will be some great potters there and a good variety of work so something for everyone.

Exhibitors include Mark Griffiths, David and Margaret Frith (looking forward to sticking my head in a large David Frith jar over the weekend Dave – it was his wasn’t it?) Toff Milway, Josie Walter, Dylan Bowen, Paul Young, Beverley Gee and some fella called Doug Fitch.

Beautiful salt glaze jug by Mark Griffiths. I have a lovely jug of Mark’s which I really enjoy.

A big fat Doug jug which may or may not be actually at the show, you’ll have to go and have a look for yourselves won’t you! I’m looking forward to the show, it’ll be good to catch up with my potter friends again.
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3 Responses to Ceramics In The Round.

  1. potterboy says:

    Ahem… I can say with certainty that that Doug jug won’t be at the show… but I’m sure there’ll be some other splendid ones there.

  2. Hannah says:

    yummmm, you lucky lucky boy. That’s a beauty. Not as nice as the one I have but you didn’t do bad!

  3. jimgottuso says:

    that first jug has a beautiful design

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