Ceramics In The City


10670226_10152327778397477_6590039327517787905_nI am just finished at the lovely Geffrye Museum in Shoreditch, London at Ceramics in the City. It’s a lovely show to do and I very much enjoy being a part of it.This blog post is somewhat limited in photos of makers because I didn’t manage to take any images and have had to snaffle these from May Luk (thanks May!)

Mizuyo Yamashita, in the photo above is a new friend and maker of a new pot in my collection. Beautiful, delicate pots.
Chris LewisThis is not a great photo of Chris Lewis‘ stand because here he has sold so much of the work that it’s not there toshow you. The owl dish there was looking at me most of the weekend, begging for me to take it home, I hope it understood that I would love to have done so but I didn’t sell enough to be able to, I am loathe to admit it but bills need to be paid before lovely owls are purchased. Anyway on the last day it too went swooping off to a new owner who I hope will look after it well.

Richard HeeleyRichard Heeley, another Manchester Metropolitan University graduate like myself, another taught by ‘our Alex’, James Hake (ex MMU) was there too but I haven’t got any pictures of his stand. Great to see Sharon Blakey popping by on the opening night of the show too, another MMU tutor.

Hannah McAndrewOh and me, shaky picture but you get the idea. Lovely potters, lovely visitors, shame the sales weren’t more lovely but at least I have lots of pots to bring to Kigbeare this weekend without going into a panic.




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