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FitchandMcAndrew Stand CAY by Ben Boswell

I know, I know, it’s been too long – again. We have very reasonable excuses though in that we have been moving house and it’s been pretty full on as you can imagine. Especially when one of the sets of muscle that will usually be shifting just as much as anyone else is being slightly more careful of what she lifts because of the precious cargo that she is carrying.

Ceramic Art York was the show we were just leaving to do when I last posted. It was brilliant. A few teething problems with it being the first show, most of which I am sure can be sorted for next year without too much hassle. It was a beautiful show, some fabulous work there and the people that came were very interested in ceramics and luckily for us, really liked their slipware.

Detail of plate by Ben BoswellBen Boswell was a visitor, for those of you that don’t know Ben, he is a photographer with a passion for photographing potters, usually in their workshops but at shows too. These two detail shots of a slip trail plate of mine and of Doug’s wassail pot are both Ben’s images. If you are on Facebook you can look him up at Ben Boswell Potters and see a wonderful array of images from many different aspects of the ceramics world in the UK. You’ll often see him skulking about at shows snapping photos. Oh and he was our wonderful wedding photographer too of course though he swears he will never agree to photograph a wedding again, poor chap. We loved what he did though.


Detail of Wassail Pot by Ben Boswell The show was in partnership with the newly refurbished York Art Gallery and their new and wonderful Centre of Ceramic Art, which if you haven’t visited yet and get the opportunity to then you must. It contains the largest collection of British Studio Pottery in the UK.

Potters at CAYWe had not only great sales but a wonderful time with a great bunch of friends too. This photo was taken by our friend John who was visiting the show just before we all fell into a restaurant to eat lots and collapse in heaps of exhausted potters.

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  1. notme says:

    Mind that precious cargo carefully!

  2. gz says:

    Good to hear all is going well xx

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