Starry starry night, paint your palette blue and grey… Makes for a chilly but brisk walk out this evening, beautiful day though.

Some pictures from the CatStrand exhibition, sorry this one seems to be a bit blurry but on the left is one of Bea’s paintings, then my pots, then a wall of Lizzie’s work.

Tall skinny jugs and candlestick. I’m really pleased with the candlesticks, when I went in on Friday evening I was surprised by how strong they were in the room. Personally I am pretty pleased with the work I have in there, I know it isn’t the biggest most prestigious gallery in the world but it’s a lovely place and I think if you’re going to do something you may as well do it well or not bother. I had worked hard trying to make things that were new and that would be different to work that people may have already seen. There isn’t much space in there really so I tried to put in bolder, stronger pots. Hope that makes sense.

A couple of smaller things to go in the cabinet so as not to scare everyone off with big prices.

I have just delivered the Twelve Pots to the McGill Duncan Gallery. They look great all together, I really hope the artists are pleased with them and I hope the visitors to the gallery enjoy them too. I hope people understand that the reasoning behind it wasn’t to have lots of people try to make copies of my pots but to let other artists do something of themselves with my materials. The show opens on saturday morning, 11am till 1 if you are in the area.
CatStrand Christmas shopping evening this coming thursday from 5pm till 8pm, locally produced arts and crafts, gifts and cards with, mulled wine and live musical entertainment.
Corsock village craft fair is this coming sunday, the highlight if the festive season of fairs I think. Small and intimate but full of fabulous things to eat and drink and buy, held in Corsock village hall.
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  1. Ron says:

    Nicely done Hannah. I hope you'll post some pics of the Twelve Pots after the show opens.

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