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F f f firing tomorrow

A little contrast in the weather while packing the kiln today compared to what was flung at us at the end of January when we fired last. A glorious day here in Galloway today and the sound track of birdsong … Continue reading

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Spring Fling Weekend is Here

 This morning I had a trip into Castle Douglas to decorate the big bay window at Low’s newsagents. Drew who has the shop had offered me the window to use over the Spring Fling weekend to promote the event. So … Continue reading

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Very quick snaps for you, very excited Hannah

 There were about 80 or 90 pots in the firing. I unpacked this lunch time after much procrastinating and avoiding the issue.There are 3 that are under fired and one that broke. How’s that for a success rate? Am rather … Continue reading

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Films for Friday.

[youtube] I hope you can see these ok. They’re not amazing but might be fun to watch. I’ve tried to keep them short and sweet but hopefully with the important bits in there. Nothing worse than having to wade … Continue reading

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Opened – Too Flipping Soon Fool That I Am

Well this morning the pyro was reading 80. I stuck my hand in through one of the spy holes and it didn’t feel as much as that so I took the four spies out and went and had a cuppa … Continue reading

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Sunny Scotland Fine For Firing

Pots poised, glazed and waiting to be transported down to my wood kiln, this was monday. I had the two best expert helpers that I could have wished for with me this time. I am really pleased that I did … Continue reading

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Finally after much anticipation – don’t be too excited though…

Well I am still very excited but I completely understand that to most other members of the world population these are nothing but bubbly, nasty skin infection type pots. It was really rather reduced at the end, and there wasn’t … Continue reading

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News and stuff

I had an email today from those lovely people at Craft&Design Magazine to say that I had won the silver award for ceramics in their Selected Awards – again! I don’t know who else won the ceramics section yet. A … Continue reading

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Next time a chequered floor

What a flipping day it has been and the ‘to do’ list is still as long as my arm! So I didn’t unpack the kiln till this afternoon, blimey what a vision! That shiny glazed jug you see is a … Continue reading

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